1v6 Clutch Search & Rescue (CoD:Ghosts)

Here we are just playing a friendly game of Search & Rescue on the new Call of Duty: Ghosts when all of a sudden I realize that I am the only one left on my team (fairly quick I should add)... against the entire other team, yes all 6 of them vs me. What was going through my head when I noticed this? Of course I could always take the cowardly way out and just accept defeat but I decided to put my try hard pants on and clutch this win. Watch the suspense unfold in the video above.

For those of you unaware, in the new Call of Duty: Ghosts, Search & Rescue is just like Search & Destroy + Kill Confirmed. If you do not pick up the tags of your kills, your opponents can go grab them and respawn that teammate that died. If you do grab the tags of your kills, that person must wait until the end of the round.

I do not talk much throughout this video due to 2 reasons: 1) I am trying hard don't forget, I am in the zone and ready to pull out the win 2) The rest of my teammates are dead


Call of Duty:Ghosts was released yesterday (Nov. 5th) and so far the game is pretty fun, yes I know all of the Call of Duty's are the same yada yada, but I enjoy FPS games and really enjoy the CoD series. Infinity Ward, in my opinion, has definitely proved that they can make a quality Call of Duty game. Not being the biggest fan of Black Ops I & II, I think I will continue to enjoy Ghosts because of all the new game modes. What do you guys think? Have you bought Ghosts yet, or do you plan on it? What's your favorite map/guns/game modes? Let me know!

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